making pretty things


promoting pandas

Do a quick search for panda on Etsy and you’ll find over 5000 handmade pandas. There are only 1600 pandas left in the wild… it’s much easier to rustle up a little black and white bear out of fabric scraps and thread than it is to make sure these gentle giants are still here for the next generation.

At the moment, I don’t have the time to sell these or donate them to an animal welfare charity, but I hope that seeing them makes people remember the plight of wild pandas, even if just for a moment.

Whenever I make a teddy, it’s up to me to decide what expression I give it – happy, sad, contrary, puzzled?  These pandas definitely had to be a little mournful.  How could they be anything else when they’re facing extinction?  Giving teddies a personality and expression gives me a strange feeling of creation and power… mwahahaha!  But seriously – that’s the beauty of handmaking something – so many decisions go into it. Next time you unwrap a handmade gift, don’t think something like this quote from LucyKate. It’s not the cheap or thoughtless option: remember the process, thought, time and love that went into it and how much more that is worth!  NB: I am fortunate enough NOT to have come across this attitude from my loved ones.

This last one is an iPhone case – made of leftover leather and in tasteful zombie green because I was out of white felt! However, it’s a little bit of a squeeze to get the iPhone in – note to self.  Make sure you *have* an iPhone handy when making a pouch for it! Now, where’s that birthday list?


crystals and pearls

Continuing the wedding theme (there might be a few of these as I spent most of my engagement making things for my wedding!) this is the hair vine that I made for my wedding day.  It is made of freshwater pearls, silver-plated thin-gauge wire and swarovski crystals, including one blue one for my ‘something blue’.  I made several attempts before I got it just right!


photo – Victoria at Whiteleaf

1: paper

I recently celebrated one year of being married. This is the paper anniversary and I wanted to make my husband something that reminded us of our wedding day, that we could put in our home and not hide away on a shelf, that celebrated a very special gift he gave to me on our wedding day – a song sung by our friends.

This paper book is based on the folding instructions for a fabric book at Belle and Burger but of course, mine needed to be paper and that was somewhat easier to write the song lyrics on.  I machine stitched the lace, photos, fabric and hearts onto the book pages.

The song lyrics are from ‘Good Man’ by Josh Ritter, the paper hearts, book title and date are cut out of a special book that we have 2 copies of  (one was sacrificed for our wedding invitations!) and the photos are printed on leftover invitation paper.




Welcome to a blog about making. My fingers start to itch if I’m not making something or reading about making something and here are some of my makes. Some are my own ideas, some are inspired by other bloggers and all are influenced by what I see around me every day. What have you made today?